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What to do if your performance is bad

Most of us start their working day somewhere at 0900 and keep working till 1800. But the day’s gone and you discover that you done much lesser than expected. You’re in horrible mood that makes you nervous and before leaving the office you’re writing a plan for tomorrow. Sounds reasonable, isn’t it? Well, really: now you’ve got a plan. So tomorrow you’ll simply start to embody it: let’s start from the first and so on. Of course, the paper is just a common name for … whatever, say for Outlook.

And here is the Great Tomorrow. I bet it will be a Groundhog Day. When you must be leaving the
office, you’ll discover that 80% of your plan is not completed. Sure, you’re puzzled. “How can it be? I HAVE had a plan! Where did I lose my time?” Two-five-ten days more of such planning and you’re giving up. Really, what’s the point of the planning if you can’t go further with it? Should it mean that planning is meaningless? Please wait a little. The things will get clear a bit later.

Since you have to get the things done and they are not done – you resort to an old, quick and simple (yet wrong) remedy: the artificial working day prolongation. Normally you’d come to 9am but you’ll be there at 8. At 6pm they’re leaving the office, but not you: you’re going to work till 9pm. And you might note that it helps, doesn’t it? Honestly speaking, the price is 50% more of unpaid office hours, but you’re on the right way.  Oh, please… don’t lie to yourself. After a few days of the labor feats you'll start catching yourself thinking that you'd rather break the phone than obey its alarm clock. And in the evening, after 12 working hours you’ll be totally exhausted. Seems it was it a bad decision. Again.

So what’s the problem? But it’s quite obvious. Something distracts you. You’re being distracted. What you do in the office is wasting your time chatting with friends, reading news that do not concern you, exploring the social networks populated by bored unemployed people or well-paid professional manipulators who involve you into talks that are very profitable for them (but absolutely useless for you). What’s the result? The result is you have to spend 15 minutes to focus your attention on the subject of your work when it was broken by the “communication act”. Just imagine you’re sitting and working while an office mate asks you when passing near your table: well, what about the Saturday paintball match? Even if you not give a full answer and limit yourself by “aha”, your thoughts will return to you completely only in 15 minutes. Now, please estimate a chain of news you read when click a link looks interesting, then multiply it on 40 – an average number of such the links that you see during your working day – and get surprised how you can get anything done!

It would be the “infamita” to leave you alone with such a sad discovery. Well we’ll give you a recipe how to increase your output without sleep debt, displeasure of your productivity and constant disappointment in self.
1. The plan for tomorrow is necessary. Just believe.
2. Take your time to explain it to your friends/mates/etc that you’ll be happy to discuss anything THEY want in YOUR free time – at lunch or in the evening at a bar. Explain that you simply want to do more and avoid extra working hours. Everybody can understand it.
3. Install TimeGuard Personal Edition and keep an eye at Personal Performance Indicator. It should be as close to 100% as possible. If you hit 100% we’ll present you something very valuable (for us). Because our PPI is never been higher that 85%.
4. Perform setup of critical events notification in TimeGuard. To be notified about an hour on the facebook. Sometimes the time just drops out of sight. Notification will help you stay focused.

If after these steps you’ll still be lacking of time, let us know. Your case, obviously, is so nonstandard that we have to go straight to your office to sort out the problem in-place.

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