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Why do you need to manage the staff?
This article explains the danger of the absence of control of office workers, analyzes the needs of managers and shows to you what types of organizations need "Cactus-809", why and how "Cactus-809" can help them.
The overwhelming majority of the modern organizations has staff of constant employees. It means that without dependence from volume of the performed work it is necessary to pay to such employees a salary. As a rule, people appreciate it and try to give to the employer something in exchange. But sometimes, a stuff given in exchange is too small or absent at all. If your organization produces measurable material assets, it is possible to conduct the quantitative account of result – how many water-melons have been loaded into the truck or how many ice-creams has been sold per day, or how many floors have been built for a month and so on. But if you try to estimate an office employee's productivity things get worse.

Every clerk now has an access to the Internet. If we are talking about business, it is considered that the Internet is necessary for finding answers to complicated questions and for interactions with colleagues all over the world. Programmers can find examples of complex functions usage, engineers – to familiarize with standards or best practices, book-keepers – for learning actual rates of the taxation, HR managers – for clarifying some aspects of firing. But whether always all these people are aimed only at work? You know that the Internet is the greatest distractor of our days. Whether it is possible to be sure what an engineer who started to read IETF magazine in the morning finally found his own inner power to switch to his daily tasks? And how it is possible to be sure what an employee who must to write a report all the day long, was not hanging on "Schoolmates", "Facebook" or even - OMG! - not playing Lineage the whole day? Of course, we are not robots and from time to time it is OK to spend some working time on the Facebook or for our own needs, but how will you get to know if the situation is being repeated many times? And yes, - daily! You are waiting for the report and the only report you get is a new deep thought on the employee's Facebook wall. Would you like it? 
"Cactus-809" gathers statistics of work of the employee during working hours. The module collects data of what software applications the employee worked with, how intensively, how often the employee interrupted his work, etc. This information is being transferred to the processing server and becomes accessible to the manager - you! - through various reports.
Depending on the version of "Cactus-809" you can either work with data that are already in the database or request fresh data - like screenshots - by your own initiative.

More and more people now work outside the office.  And it's hard to estimate their productivity: they might be far from you and their tasks might be lengthy. How will you know if an employee  works hard to complete his tasks? What if not? Well, if not - why? What distracts him? Have you set the hard task or the employee lacks of his abilities? Or maybe the employee doesn't work at all during his working time? All these questions could be hard to answer if you are far from your staff. "Cactus-809" can help you to find the answers. It helps you to see the graphs from any point of the Globe - all you need is connection to the Internet. You can participate in Mardi Gras and keep looking at your office's activity simultaneously.

You might suppose that some of your employees are not working as hard as you expect. Thousands of offices are full of people that furiously clicking their mices, pressing the keyboards' buttons and having thoughtful view. But what do they do? Without "Cactus-809" you can only guess.

Stop guessing! Utilize the power of "Cactus-809". You need it if any of the following is correct for you:

  • Your employees are working from home or other city
  • You think that your staff productivity could be higher
  • Sometimes you not get expected deliverables
  • You suspect that someone ignores his/her duties
  • You would like to know if salary is adequate to duties
  • You need to optimize number of employees but don't know who to start with
  • "Cactus-809" allows you to: 
    • estimate the usage of working time. How much time your people spend working with software apps. What are the apps?
    • estimate average useful employment of the employee during working hours. The programs the employee worked with – whether they refer to work or not?
    • detect presence and duration of breaks during working time. E.g., someone could turn his PC on and go for a walk.
    • establish proven link between deliverables and actions undertaken during working time. Say you need an urgent report but you see that the man who should write it spent the entire day browsing an inflating boats' catalog. Isn't it the reason why you can't get what you need from the man?
    How it works?
    Perhaps you've got that "Cactus-809" was designed right for your needs. We provide two opportunities for installing your copy of the software. First one is to install "Cactus-809" onto your own server. If you already have such the server with database installed - this is the best choice. But sometimes you might consider the scenario too complicated: in this case you can utilize our own server farm and rent access to the application. The following steps should be done to get the access.
    1. Buy client licenses in our store (immediate delivery, a lot of payment methods). In addition to client license you get a free server license.
    2. Activate the server license on our server for «Cactus-809». The procedure creates your protected area for your data and reports and allows clients to start working immediately
    3. Use your personal section of our server to obtain client licenses, activation codes and client installation modules, then send these data to the employees you are going to control. You should provide every of such employees with its personal license number, activation code and the msi containing client.
    4. Your employee installs the client module and automatic sending of the data begins.

    After these 4 simple steps you can work with the full statistics of working time usage.

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