вторник, 18 марта 2014 г.


What can we oppose to the passion seething? On one hand, almost nothing, on the other hand it does not mean we should not try to improve the situation. None of sane people wants a war, rather, we all want to live a free, prosperous life to say in the end of our path that we were not lived for nothing.

We have been thinking here at MFCOM and that's our peacemaking plan. Both of our - Russian and Ukrainian economics are not in good shape, so we think that spending less is a good idea. If you do not want tensions in relations between Russia and Ukraine you can utilize one of the promo codes wherever you live:

"Киïв", "Москва" or "Киев" with no parenthesis

and and obtain 25% discount to all TimeGuard licenses.

Whatever they say, Ukraine and Russia are not enemies to each other.

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